Waiting areas

Keep your patients entertained and informed


Waiting areas should be welcoming and attractive as well as being a fully functional space that is big enough to cater for your patients demands.

General waiting

The patients’ comfort and safety should be your main focus when designing the waiting room. Make sure circulation areas are clearly defined and they don’t interfere with where your patients are waiting.

Feature items such as fish tanks, water features and decorative art pieces help to create an engaging, relaxing space.

Kids’ area

Design the kids’ area in a visible location but as far as possible from the rest of the patients. Wall toys are always advisable as children can’t leave them behind when they go into consult.

A virtual barrier such as timber slats or a translucent screen not only reduces the noise but also improves the visual impact of the play area, whilst still allowing parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones.


Entertainment options such as magazines and wall mounted screens can work in even the most limited spaces and help to improve the patient’s waiting-room experience.

Furniture and joinery

The seating capacity should be ample but be careful not to overcrowd the space. A combination of bench seating and loose chairs will give patients the option to sit individually or in groups if they are accompanied.

A bench seating style makes your space look more modern but also optimizes the space when you are in full capacity. Introduce some chairs with arm rests to accomodate pregnant or disabled patients.