The reception area will be the space that creates a long lasting emotional link with your patients. This space will reflect your vision, services and commitment to the community.


The reception area is the best area to showcase your branding and point of difference. It should have your logo in a prime location and describe the services you provide. It also should have a consistent message throughout from the corporate image right through to the furniture selection and paint colors. All elements should be coordinated to make the space look professional and appealing.

Dental Fitout Projects will efficiently combine all those aspects related to the clinic design making sure the vision is reflected in all practice areas.

Display areas for information relevant to your services are also important. Flyers and brochures related to news in the dental sector, new technologies implemented or information on clinic hours and scheduled closing times, should be easily accessible by patients but located at a height that children can’t reach.

The reception desk needs to look immaculate from the patients’ point of view but at the same time being a fully functional work place for staff. Compliance with regulations such as specified heights for disabled patients and internal space for staff should also be taken into consideration.

Payments and private conversations with some patients should be done in a different area from the main reception. If the space allows you could consider having a separate counter for payment or even a virtual barrier between both. Patients often appreciate a little privacy when they need to discuss a delicate issue with the receptionist or practice manager.