Building Works

There are big cost efficiencies on a project if building works that are required to be undertaken by your landlord and works for your fitout are considered together. We can co-ordinate building works with the landlord in order to optimise your budget and time.


Working with the landlord and numerous consultants that are involved in the building project can be an arduous and precise process.

Our team will ensure that all necessary information is presented to landlords and property owners in an organized and effective manner to obtain their approval on design and permission to build, which can then be submitted to Council.

We can also develop the works on behalf of the landlord and coordinate them with your practice fitout. This way, savings are achieved for both parties by avoiding the double up in redoing the distribution of main services to accommodate your design.

Our highly-skilled team will also handle all authorities, certificates and compliances required by Council and other regulatory bodies.

Our services include:

  • Construction and upgrade of base building services including:
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
    • Fire
    • Structural
    • Base Building fitout (floor finishes, lighting, ceiling, etc)
  • Liaise with Landlord:
    • Facilitate sign-off on documents for Local Council
    • Co-ordinate building works
    • Provide information on project progress as required
  • Liaise with Engineers and consultants
  • Local Council applications and regulations
    • Development Application with Local Council
    • Compliance Certificate
    • BCA – energy efficiency compliance
    • Occupancy certificate