Green Dental

Area: 1900 SQM
Contract Type: Design, Documentation, Project Management
Total Project Duration: 10 Weeks


quoteleftWhat can I say about my experience with Dental Fitout?

Having dealt with other fit-out companies previously, the staff from Dental Fitout were phenomenal to deal with through-out my entire project. Andrew Mulroe led the design and Stephen Hyde was my site manager, and both were precise and courteous with my dealings with them. Their attention to detail was phenomenal allowing me to be able to convert my ideas into a fit-out that was functional, practical, had great work-flow and is a pleasure for my staff, my patients and myself to work in. I could not recommend the company highly enough and appreciate them giving me realistic pricing from the get-go without having to haggle. It is without exaggeration that I can say Dental Fitout will have all of my business in the fit-out game going forward.quoteright

By Dr Dinesh Sanmuganathan,
On 02-September, 2014

First impressions count

A Dental Fitout* project incorporates the principle of interior design, dental and clinical functions, technological integrations and ergonomics design — all withing your budget and business plan.
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Contract Type: Design, Documentation and Project Management

Surgery Size: 80 sqm

Build Time: 6 Weeks


“Dental Fitout are the epitome of class and style. I am very happy with the end results.”

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