Endodontic, Periodontic, Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontic, Radiology, General Dentistry, Paediatric & Cosmetic dental fitouts

  • Refurbishing or setting up a new dental practice is one of the most important decisions you will make during your professional life. Let us help you to set up a professional yet unique practice that will last and optimize the services you provide to your patients. We appreciate each dental specialty has individual requirements and we ensure we tailor our dental designs to meet those specific needs.
  • Establishing a successful dental practice in the current economic climate is a challenge that many Australian dentists are facing.  To survive in such a competitive environment, dentists need to assure patients that the services they provide are outstanding, compared to other health service providers.
  • A dental consultation is the combination of different interactions that patients experience when they go to see their preferred dentist. The main factors are the environment, your staff, other patients and ultimately you as the dentist.  The result is a perception that the patient creates in their mind and takes home to share with their relatives and the community. We need to make sure that the combination of all the above facts is correct. And you need to make it right from the beginning.
  • At Dental Fitout* we assist by managing the process on your behalf so you can focus in running your business and taking care of your existing and new patients. We make sure we combine efficiently all factors to set up your speciality practice and give you an outstanding product that will improve your current patients’ perception of your services and bring new patients to your door. Leave it in our hands.