Andrew was on to every single little detail and the finished product is fabulous. The service after the fact has been excellent. Andrew is always happy to come and have a look at anything that needs repair… he comes out straight away.

The most important thing I think is that Andrew is an excellent guy… he’s really good at what he does. He knows what he does, the suppliers really like working with him because he knows how to install things and prepare the surgery for everything that needs to be done.

Dr Gordon Howe
Annandale Village Dentistry

They organised everything in a timely manner and the practice was finished in a short period of time. We are happy with the layout because it is so user friendly and the space management is quite good.

I am very happy to have Steve and Andrew to help me to set up my practice. They are quite informative and told me how to set up the build, including all the rules and regulations I have to follow.

I am so happy with what Andrew and Steve have done for me in this practice. I really want to introduce them to my other friends who may be setting up their own clinics. If I set up another clinic I will definitely ask them to help me to do that again.

Dr Andrew Lau
Dental Care St Leonards Square

Andrew and Steve are excellent at providing support and dealing with local government authorities. They made the design process very straightforward and knew the laws and regulations even better than me in many cases… they made my life significantly easier than it would have otherwise been.

Steve was very pedantic and made sure the work quality was as you’d want it in a practice trying to create an image that shows good quality, pride in what you’re doing, and they made sure we were very happy with what they’ve developed… it was a painless process from my perspective and I’m very happy with what we’ve developed here, it’s going to make my life far more enjoyable over the next decade or more and I highly recommend Dental Fitout for what they’ve done.

The follow-up is excellent, Steve is only a phone call away if we need him.

Dr Anthony Burges
Drummoyne Dental Surgery

I have engaged the services of Andrew Mulroe on a number of occasions. He and his team have carried out major renovations and structural work for three dental surgeries in my portfolio in Castle Hill, Cambridge Park and Sydney CBD. Not only was the work of the highest quality, Andrew and his team worked with great efficiency and managed the project superbly. He liaised with building managers and fellow tenants most effectively and for me it was a completely stress free experience.
As a bonus his quote was 25% less than a direct competitor for the same project.
I would be more than happy to speak to any potential client and would frankly feel it would be foolhardy not to have Andrew at least quote on their job.

Dr Anthony Sved


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