Base Building Works

Liaise with the Landlord and multiple consultants involved in the building is a demanding and detailed process that can’t be overseen. The landlord needs to approve your designs and give the permission to the authorities for your practice’s development. We will make sure the information is presented in a strategic and efficient way for their quick approval and integrating all required reports from external consultants.

We also develop the works on behalf of the landlord and coordinate them with your practice fitout. This way, savings are achieved for both parties avoiding the double up in redoing the distribution of main services to accommodate your design.

Our services include:

  • Construction and upgrade of base building services including:
    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic
    • Fire
    • Structural
    • Base Building fitout (floor finishes, lighting, ceiling, etc)
  • Information requested by Landlord from client
  • Development Application with Local Council
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Liaison with Engineers and required consultants
  • BCA – energy efficiency compliance
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Liaise with contractors and consultants for any clarification of concept and detailing