Business Plan

The success of your practice is very much dictated by the business plan you’ve set up initially. Planning the direction of your business in the short but most importantly in the long term, is the main factor to secure a long stable practice.

Initially we will develop an analysis of your current practice and evaluate the aspects that we should improve and what we do best. If a vision hasn’t been set up we will work in conjunction with you to develop one that drives the rest of the process. Once the vision gets establish the rest will follow.

Business goals and objectives are part of the planning process. They describe what the dental practice expects to accomplish. These goals and objectives might be relevant to the dental practice as a whole, staff, patients and even marketing efforts. We will set up specific measurements to keep track of these goals and objectives.
It is important that the Principal communicates the practice’s goals and objectives to the entire team so everyone can work in synch in achieving them. We will assist you to set realistic, specific and measurable goals assigning time frames to achieve them.

The business plan operates at two levels:
The strategic marketing plan: develops the broad marketing objectives and strategy base on an analysis of the current practice situation and opportunities.
The tactical marketing plan: outlines specific marketing tactics, including advertising merchandising, service and so on.

At Dental Fitout* we get involved in the every early stages of the process setting up your practice or reengineering your current one. We will take your hand throughout the process and get our experts consultants in business creation and set up, to develop an achievable and monitored streamline process for your practice’s needs.

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