The power of the branding shown in all different applications at your practice will certainly be reflected in the number of patients you get through your door. To achieve this, it needs to look professional, clear and outstanding.
Your signage should clearly define your services, the quality of your practice and also have an specific language for your target audience.

Internal Signage

Patients need to feel safe and comfortable at your practice. Internal signage that clearly defines the location of your rooms, facilities and different areas will add great value to the perception of the environment. It is also a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and practice values within your patients and staff. Motivational graphics to your staff can increase their productivity and loyalty to the company.

At Dental Fitout* we design, develop and install all internal signage required at your practice:

  • Feature logo at reception
  • Feature graphics for public and staff areas
  • Directional signage
  • Lift Lobby Signs
  • Dental Rooms and other facilities
  • Signage for disabled patients
  • Signs to comply with BCA

External Signage

Location and a clear message are the keys for an effective external sign. The main objective of an external sign is to create brand awareness within your existing and new patients. However, it needs to reflect your practice identity as it could also create the wrong impression in your target audience.

Be aware of the compliance issues with external signs and the negotiations you need to make with the building owner prior to the order and installation of your external sign. Most councils in Australia will require a Development Application for the apropvoal of your sign and the builing owner will certainly have a clause at your lease regarding your sign and needs to be addressed before moving forward.

At Dental Fitout* we will manage the complete process on your behalf. We will liaise with authorities and landlord, design and manufacture your sign making sure it last in the long term.