Dental Rooms


Waiting areas should be welcoming and attractive but most importantly should be functional to suffice with the patients’ numbers and demands.

Single Chair Practice

2 to 3 Chair Practice

8 to 10 Chair Clinic

Designing an efficient yet aesthetic dental room is the result of the combination between function and form. The design should create the right balance between both to enable you to perform your services and provide the patient with a good experience that will remain after the event.

Dental Fitout* will deliver the right balance between form and function at your practice, design translated into an outstanding floor plan that reflects your vision. The right balance means that your project incorporates the principles of interior design, dental and clinical functions, technology integration, and ergonomic design — all within your budget and business plan. It is important to dedicate enough time at this stage of the process and get a firm specialised in the dental industry. A functional balance can drive office efficiencies, patient comfort, and employee satisfaction — all key contributors to your overall level of productivity.

You need a balance between efficient traffic flow and comfortable movement between work zones for both staff and patients, from public to private spaces. Optimise the design of your rooms by keeping instruments and supplies within reach of your chair. Minimising unnecessary movements will increase your staff efficiency and maintain you at your best performance.

Corporate Dental Practices

Consistency is the key. Dental Fitout* is specialized in roll out clients, making sure operational efficiencies and an appealing consistent design is kept throughout all branches.

Residential Practice

Converting your residential room into a dedicated dental professional practice meeting authorities’ compliances and integrating up to date technologies

You also need to keep in mind that the space should facilitate the provision of your services in the short and long term. Allow for growth areas that you can convert into dental rooms in the future. Initially they can be used as training areas, meeting rooms or breakout spaces. Another option is to give more space to your initial rooms then in the future, they can be converted into smaller spaces allowing for 1 or 2 extra dental rooms. Allowing for your hydraulic and main services to be done from the beginning, for future consult rooms, will save you thousands of dollars and will make the expansion of your practice a less invasive process.

At Dental Fitout* we will make sure the latest technologies are implemented at your practice to keep you at the leading edge of the industry. We deal with the best network of equipment suppliers and installers as well as project managers with vast experience in the dental field.

Supply and installation of your Chair

The most important factor when selecting your equipment is long term reliability and durability. It’s important to select a well known brand in the market, that has proven results and incorporates the latest technology available.

Surgery Clinic

Drive the design of your rooms by keeping functionality as a must. Minimising unnecessary movements will increase your staff efficiency and maintain you at your best performance