Planning & Costing

One of the main areas of risk during your practice set up is the construction side. Unexpected variations, unexperienced contractors in the dental industry and uncertainly with the property’s conditions are main factors that could jeopardise the successful completion of your practice fitout.

    Dental Fitout guarantees:

  • A detailed budget with breakdown figures during all stages of the process
  • Cross reference between design and project management departments making sure the budget is kept at all stages
  • Time management with detailed programs from early stages of the process
  • Constant reports to client (in a weekly basis) with advance on site and external contracts
  • Payments based on the progress achieved on site
  • Fixed price contract
  • No variations unless requested and approved by client
  • Tender process for all works with at least three contractors to guarantee the best price in the market
  • A transparent and honest relation with client with an open book scenario