Directional Signage

Patients need to feel safe and comfortable at your practice. Internal signage that clearly defines the location of your rooms, facilities and different areas will add great value to the perception of the environment.

Feature walls

The internal signage at your practice is a great opportunity to showcase your brand with your patients and staff. Being the first impression a key fact within your patients’ experience, a good feature wall that captures their attention and focus it in your brand as soon as they walk in in to your practice, will last forever in their minds.

Privacy Films

Privacy films at dental rooms, offices and staff areas is an opportunity to implement motivational graphics for your staff and branding graphics for your clients.

Full height graphics

Refurbishing a dental practice is not an expensive exercise, only smart design is required. The implementation of full height graphics, with lifestyle shots or clinical images will communicate your values and vision to your patients and staff. Do not underestimate the power of a great image!