Equipment And Furniture Procurement

At Dental Fitout* we have a reliable network of suppliers and installers and we will involve them at the very early stages of the process to guarantee we optimise the time and resources with the provision of services for the equipment’s operation.

The equipment in a dental practice is as important as the fitout itself or even more. Select a provider that is reliable and has been in the market for a good number of years to make sure you have the reliability and durability of their products. It is a very big investment and the look and functionality of your practice will get affected if the product doesn’t perform in the mid and long term.

Make sure you have a supplier that is aware of your area of speciality and could provide a suitable product for your expertise. Do not compromise in anything here as the efficient workflow of your staff and your time and health could be engaged. A good dental chair and the right design of the room with adjacent cabinets, joinery and the right proximity of the dental fittings, will give you less movements and a good ergonomic process that during the years will guarantee your good mental and physical health.

We will custom design the cabinets for your practice with your valuable input making sure all your needs are covered. You are the best person to know what is required, and how you would like the practice to operate. With our experience during years developing dental practices and the consultancy of experts in practice set up, we will propose some effective workflows for your dental rooms and general areas that could also improve the current processes you have in place.

With the furniture supply, sue to our big contracts in different industries, we can obtain the best prices and exclusive designs for your practice to make it a unique and outstanding environment for your patients and staff. We will consider:

  • Compliance with codes and regulations
  • Durability
  • Long term availability for future replacement
  • Fabric and materials that works in healthcare environments