One of the most important and difficult steps when setting up your Dental Practice is the DA Approval and all related authorities’ consents. In NSW for instance, all healthcare facilities need to get an approval from the council with a Development Application regardless of the size of the works to be done. It will determine the feasibility of your property acquisition and/or lease so you do not end up with a property which unsuitable for your use

Before you can make changes to a building or occupy premises in NSW area a Development Application (DA) needs to be lodged. The current industry standard is that all medical centers including dental practices can not be done as CDC as they are expressly excluded from the definition of business premises. This process can be demanding and highly stressful as you may end up delaying the complete project due to the approvals from Council and Landlords.

At Dental Fitout we are highly experienced in DA Applications and all related approvals due to the number of projects approved to date in a very efficient time with 100% compliance. This process guarantees that your practice will comply completely with all regulations and can grow without any issues with the authorities or code regulations. We keep our standards up to date and make sure that they are implemented in every detail of your practice for your own benefit and your patients’ safety.